Offline Data Backfill for Awair Omni


Offline Data Backfill allows Omni to store air data into its internal memory when a network connection is lost. This feature enables one-minute sensor data averages to be cached while the Omni is disconnected from the internet. Once the network connection is recovered the stored air data is uploaded to the Awair server for processing. Once processed, the data is communicated to the Awair Dashboard/Awair Business app, where trend lines are filled. This feature is available for cloud connectivity options including WiFi and Ethernet only. 

The maximum backfill period is 10 days. Once the limit is met, the oldest data will be overwritten minute-by-minute, on a rolling basis.


  • Firmware version 1.4.1 (or later)
  • ( - port: 443) is whitelisted / not blocked by a network firewall


  • Backfill stores data every one minute, by averaging (down-sampling) six data points made every ten seconds

  • Backfill requires a direct internet connection and is not supported for LoRa Gateway or offline (e.g. Local API only, BACnet) configurations

  • It may take up to ten minutes after the connection is restored for trend line graphs to be filled

  • Air data persists on external flash memory even after a factory reset (for example: when resetting Omni in order to change the WiFi network credentials)

  • If backfill data exists and uploading to the Awair server fails, the Omni will attempt to upload until successful (and only then will the offline data be erased from external flash memory)

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